Grupo Chegando Lá at the Laughing Goat

We love Brazilian music and culture in Colorado and we have a very special and vibrant scene. Grupo Chegando Lá is the evidence of that. Musician and instructor, Francisco Marques, began teaching samba percussion to his students around 2011-2012. They would convene every Wednesday night to study and play the instruments that you would find at a pagode or samba circle in Brazil. After years of dedication, it was clear that the group and Boulder was ready for a monthly samba de mesa or pagode.
You can find us raising spirits and making bodies boogey on the 4th Thursday of every month at The Laughing Goat coffee house in Boulder, CO.

Join us on August 22nd, for the best dance party in Boulder! Chegando Lá LOVE playing, and sharing Brazilian music. Be part of a roda de samba, where they share their passion, sing, dance, play and celebrate life. For those who have been there to experience it, already know. For those who don’t,….they will!

$5-$10 suggested donation

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